»Food culture is a reflection of our society and a manifestation of the zeitgeist. I use food as both a source of inspiration and as a working material. Social and emotional aspects as well as sensory experience are central to my work. I create concepts for the food culture of tomorrow.«

Kick-off event and exhibition opening of VITAL FORCES – FOOD IN CONTEXT, a think tank on food, culture, science, art and crafts Image by Annabelle Graf

Kick-off event and exhibition opening of VITAL FORCES – FOOD IN CONTEXT, a think tank on food, culture, science, art and crafts
Image by Annabelle Graf

Designing Food Culture

A strong passion for art and craft, for materials and shapes made me choose to study product design in 2005. From the beginning, human senses have played a fundamental role in my creative work: touching and feeling, seeing and exploring, smelling, tasting and hearing. As a designer, I consider food my creative material of choice to express and realize my ideas. I’m particularly interested in the diversity of cuisines found around the world: the histories, traditions, preparation, rules of etiquette, myths, and possibilities which surround food culture.

Food became the focus of my interest, primarily because it is often treated as a trivial part of everyday life; people easily forget its value and significance. Through creative design, I aim to call connections, facts, and the everyday into question, as well as to advocate for increased environmental sustainability and improved, conscious approaches to food. It is important to me to bring people together, allowing them to become active participants, to stimulate communication, and to awaken emotion. Food is the substance to which the human being has the closest connection: eating is a daily and persistent need


Image by Nadja Wehling

Image by Nadja Wehling

How and Who i Work For

I design and realize (edible) room installations and events, always with the focus on food or based on the story around it. I create pop-up restaurants and bars, host workshops, arrange performances and guerilla-actions. I work as a creative consultant for gastronomy, food producers and companies. Experimenting with food and creating new recipes based on a healthy, modern lifestyle is something I'm truly passionate about. I style food. I write and talk about food and culture.

With my work, I aim to connect people through the international language of food and make use of the power of interaction given by this incredible raw material.

As I love diversity and change, creativity and innovation, I do offer quite a wide range of service within the field of food, creation, events, art and design. Therefore: if you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I'm always looking forward to hearing about interesting ideas and welcome the opportunity to design individually-tailored concepts.

Working in the culinary and creative field since 2011, I find myself surrounded by a broad network of food experts and creative minds, who can join me for certain projects if needed.

Since sustainability is fundamental to my work, I only use ingredients of the best quality: organic, local, supportive of small business, preferably seasonal and, of course, fresh and tasty. Since 2013, I'm an active supporter of the Slow Food Movement in Berlin.