The Singelton Flavour Tour

Three food pairings designed to highlight the characteristic taste of each of the new Singleton Whiskys, which are produced using different barrels. As a result of this production method, each of the three Whiskys is very particular and distinct in flavour and aroma. The dishes reflect and emphasize these special features.

The press launch was designed as a street food event with a vendor’s stall, the food concept was delivered as small plates in a more young and easy-going style to match the theme. In addition to the food pairing menu and the vendor’s stall, I created a food art installation composed out of the different ingredients which we used in our dishes. To point out the strength of the characteristic aromas of each Whisky, I played on the perception of an explosion: the colorful food art installation basically bursted out of the bottles, leaving broken pieces of glass provoked by an »flavour explosion«.

The Singleton Talfire | smoky root salad with wild herbs, berries and radish
lukewarm salad from root vegetables, roasted over the open fire to bring out the smoky flavors of the Talfire Whisky. Freshness and a slight bitterness was added through wild herbs such as dandelion. Sweet berries highlighted the full and very fruity taste, radish added a spicy hint. Served with a homemade potato malt bun.

The Singleton Spey Cascade | porc belly with malted celery cream and apple chutney
korean inspired porc belly, marinaded with kombu algae served on top of a malted celery cream reflecting the fresh and grassy as well as slightly spicy notes of the Spey Cascade Whisky. Topped with apple chutney and roasted hazelnuts to match the fruity apple and nutty aromas. Fresh coriander adds to the asian twist and the hints of green taste.

The Singleton Sunray | crêpe flambée with ginger jam, wheat germ honey quark, bee pollen and flowers
crêpe flambéed with Sunray Whisky and filled with a fruity and slightly spicy apricot ginger jam along with a wheat germ honey quark which unites fruity, sweet, slightly spicy aromas with green and grassy notes. Honey and bee pollen point out the distinct honey-like aromas and edible flowers add to the image of a flowery bouquet.

Matching cocktails were created by barkeeper Lukas Motejzik from Zephyr Bar in Munich.

The Singleton Talfire | Fisherman's Tea
The Singleton Spey Cascade | Mr. Lee
The Singleton Sunray | Be Happy


  • food pairing menu
  • food art installation
  • street food concept