The Harvest Moon

In cooperation with the Full Moon Cabaret, a monthly speakeasy burlesque show, varieté and cabaret in Berlin, we staged this extraordinary dining experience – an evening of magic, metamorphosis, and mad dreams.

Following the Native American moon calendar, each month/moon has a particular theme: in September, it was all about the Harvest Moon. Together with the Full Moon Players we created an absolute unique and unforgettable dining event dedicated to the rich harvest season: a feast for the senses with an 10-course show and dinner banquet dedicated to Food Porn.


♥ Appetizer

I. The Reaping
An abundant cornucopia awaits on the banquet table; a Dutch still life overwhelming in an extravagant explosion of color, shape, and symbolism. Reach in and pluck out a perky carrot, a bulging aubergine, a frisky scallion. Mince it, dice it, add it to the simmering pot. At the Harvest Moon, we cook together and eat together.

II. Breaking the Bread
Juggling champion Luke Burrage knows how to toss a big baguette. Or two or even three.

III. The Gathering
The Harvest Goddesses descend on the table, wearing hoop skirts lavishly embellished with a seasonal array of edible art. Seeded and herbed beetroot, turmeric, and spinach breadsticks, pretzels, and hoops dangle invitingly from festive ribbons. Marinated autumn vegetables wait to be plucked. Served with a decadent array of homemade dips, sauces, and créme.

♥ Main Course

IV. Sowing Seeds
Radical Radish // Episode 2 – The return of Fighting Daikon, the radish that grew from a sidewalk crack, and her arch-enemy, President Spam of the United Spam Spam and Spam.

V. The Big Spread
It’s a weisswurst eating contest!

VI. Abundance
La Milpa – the three sisters of Native American cuisine - beans, corn, and squash - are combined to a hearty, rustic, vegetarian stew celebrating nature's bounty. In collaborative action, we create a warming comfort food, slow simmered with tomatoes, root vegetables, herbs, and spices.*

VII. Forbidden Fruit
Burlesque bombshell Diamond Dahlia takes a big bad bite from the apple of knowledge.

♥ Dessert

VIII. Bottoms Up
Mooning Contest – The sweetest buns will receive a mason jar of O’Donnells Moonshine.

IX. Sweet Sensations
Pumpkin and Salted Caramel Mousse with Toffee Crunch. The Harvest Goddesses return to serve their acolytes.

X. Knees Up Hootenanny
The Broken Jug Ramblers gets the hoedown hopping with Appalachian folk music played on guitar, banjo, spoons and washtub bass. Kick up your heels to murder ballads and witty ditties about whiskey soaked rampages and run-ins with the law.


* The concept of Milpa is a sociocultural construct rather than simply a system of agriculture. It involves complex interactions and relationships between farmers, as well as distinct personal relationships with both the crops and land. For example, it has been noted that "the making of milpa is the central, most sacred act, one which binds together the family, the community, the universe...[it] forms the core institution of Indian society in Mesoamerica and it's religious and social importance often appear to exceed it's nutritional and economic importance". (– wikipedia)

The importance of community, which lies within the concept of Milpa was celebrated in the communal act of preparing a stew together as the rich edible decoration of the harvest table was turned into a comforting dish which nourished everyone equally.




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