Wherever you go, there you are.

Wherever you go, there you are — was an experiential dinner event that aimed to delight the senses and spark enlightenment.

During this evening, we pushed the sensory experience beyond the everyday, to a heightened awareness. Guests were invited to explore with us an altered reality where normal is extraordinary and nature sneaks in through the cracks, enticing the participants into this very moment, in all its glory. 

Taking place at the Contemporary Food Lab, the event fell somewhere in between a participatory performance piece and a guided culinary meditation — to become present, mindful, and bodyful. Together with Coco, Yoko & Bell curatorial team and composer Kathy Kwon of Air of Colors, we brought supperclubs to a new level of dining — blurring the boundries between food, art, design, music and staging. Guests were taken on a sensory journey through a multi-course meal, appreciating the bounty that is all around us, from city offerings, forest foraging, farmland sustenance and everything in between.



Welcome Cocktail: Surprise, surprise
Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication

Appetizer: Berlin Glitter
Excess becomes treasure as we feast on urban abundance

Intermezzo: Palate Cleanser
By tasting nothing, nothing becomes something

First Course: Urban Harvest
Nature seeps in through the cracks

Intermezzo: Interactive Sound Bath
The smell of damp moss lures us into the woods

Main Course: Fair Game
We are the wild

Intermezzo: An exercise in the subtle
Savouring the fruits of our labour 

Savory Dessert
The richness of humble offerings

Intermezzo: Touch
Without darkness there is no light. Surrender to heightened awareness 

Sweet Dessert
Everyday alchemy elevates the unexpected

Digestif: Heart Warmer
Landing into the moment



  • food concept
  • food styling
  • head chef


»Wherever you go, there you are« was a collaboration of  Studio Inés Lauber, Coco, Yoko & Bell and Air of Colors. Kindly supported by Leogant, Topfarmers and Pijökel.