The Hunger Moon

In cooperation with the Full Moon Cabaret, a monthly speakeasy burlesque show, varieté and cabaret in Berlin, we staged this extraordinary dining experience – an evening of magic, metamorphosis, and mad dreams.

Following the Native American moon calendar, each month/moon has a particular theme: in February, it was all about the Hunger Moon. Together with the artists and performers of the show we created an absolute unique and unforgettable dining event: a feast for the senses with an 8-course banquet dedicated to Food Porn. Because food is love and we need to feed our souls.


♥ Appetizer

I. Ritual
The Hunger Artist leads the priestess to the altar and performs a Butoh dance. Featuring Hikaru Inagawa of 4RUDE.

II. Sacrifice
Manouche Bread, Crudité & Mini Tartelettes with decadent array of dips, sauces, and crème in sanguine shades of crimson, burgundy, violet, ebony, onyx, and ecru. Served on the disrobed body of the priestess.

♥ Main Course

III. Celebration
A bawdy burlesque TBA

IV. Indulgence
Spaghettoni Récamier – A skein of spaghettoni unravelled upon the table with a sensuous selection of dripped and drizzled sauces
- Rouge: rustic tomato, basil, and parmesan
- Rococo (Yellow Chiffon & Pink): lemon cream, thyme, shrimp
- Vert: fresh spinach, poached egg
The Spaghettoni Récamier is served family style, so diners will be able to choose themselves which sauce they prefer.

V. Le Garnis
RADICAL RADISH – A living comic book for the end times with The Full Moon Players.

♥ Dessert

VI. Bottoms Up
Mooning Contest – The sweetest buns will receive a bottle of Moonshine.

VII. Comfort
Cupcakes – A jewel box selection of lavishly decorated classic cupcakes from Cupcake Berlin.

VIII. Consummation
Hazel Honeysuckle - The delightful confection from New York City will have your glucose levels rising with an intoxicating bump ‘n grind.



  • food concept
  • creative direction
  • catering
  • performance