travel, taste, love.

Two young souls, in love. Travelling through life and travelling the world, discovering new flavours, cultures and traditions. The time, the young couple travelled together through foreign countries has proven their love and made them partners for life. Finally, they settled together in the vibrant city of Berlin. Their common love for good, honest and homemade food has always been important and present in their relationship. For this special occasion, we designed and conceptualized an intimate wedding dinner telling the story of their love and passion for travelling through food and flavour.



The Traveller
Welcome Cocktail and bites from around the world
obazda. radish. brezel
pastrami sandwich
smoked mackarel smorrebrod. mustard sauce. wild herbs
aloo gobi. pakoras. onion strawberry turmeric chutney. tomatoe chutney. coriander coconut chutney

Taste Brandenburg. Forest, fields and meadows.
leg of venison. meadowsweet.
rolled shoulder of venison. wild mushrooms. wild herbs.
fava bean. beets. young carrots. wild fennel.

celebrating the season. berries and herbs.
ground elder ice cream. forest berries. white chocolate. rose. cornflower. pink pepper.



  • food concept
  • styling
  • creative direction
  • event management