Summer in the City

Early summer in Berlin (2014): it was hot and peak season for fresh herbs, berries and young vegetables – time to celebrate a wonderful season and the unforgettable fresh, juicy and sweet taste of summer! We felt like organizing a beautiful, seasonally inspired dinner party for old and new friends. In cooperation with the Gewürzkampagne (spice campagne) we invited everyone to come together for a festival feast in the midst of the streets of Berlin-Neukoelln.

»To bring people together through taste!« is the theme of the Kampagnentisch, the supper club event founded by the Gewürzkampagne. Of course, the spices from the Gewürzkampagne were the main inspiration for the combination of the progression of tastes on the menu. According to the season, we also added many fresh herbs from our gardens.

It was a truly unforgettable evening that seemed to come straight out of a summer fairytale complete with many good conversations, new friendships, and delicious food.


_ lavender thyme aperitif
_ dandelion wrap with black pepper
_ cucumber cress Soup | sage baguette with herbal butter
_ salad of green aspargus | wild herbs | strawberries | hazelnut
_ trout or sheep cheese baked with thyme, sage and lemon | grilled summer vegetables | marinated beluga lentiles
_ goat milk chocolate ice cream with fleur de sel | sorbet from red berries | marinated strawberries | iced raspberries


  • food concept
  • catering
  • styling
  • event management, hosting