Dialogue Dinner

The Dialogue Dinner is a conceptual and interactive food installation, designed for the Information+ Conference 2018 (Potsdam, Germany) – an international conference on the visualization of data and information design.

Food is one of the best tools to trigger communication; we perceive a taste, a smell, a texture, have an opinion about it, and through experiencing it together we create a sense of community. The Dialogue Dinner played with this idea and combined it with the design topics that were presented at the conference. People moved around the building to different colour-themed stations that were connected to questions and discussions. Food was not only used as a tool to taste or smell, but it also visualized data, showed people’s answers and perspectives and connected people with shapes, colours and statements.

Project in collaboration with School of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Design Department.


  • food concept

  • catering concept

  • event styling

  • creative direction