Vital Forces – Food in Context

Introducing a think tank exploring food culture as a cultural good

We consume, eat, garden, harvest, cook, manipulate, breed, kill, poison and destroy. The cycles in agriculture and food production are complicated and sometimes absurd, our botanical inheritance is manipulated. We are witnessing sociological changes and lifestyle diseases brought by mass industry manufactured food production and consumption. All this seems to stand opposite to the growing desire for a natural world with regional, organic and artisan foods, the Slowfood and urban gardening movement and the preservation of biodiversity. All subjects seem discussed as independent, not related matters in the areas of agriculture, art, literature, science, health, education, philosophy and politics.

In 2016, we teamed up with SATELLITE BERLIN – Art in Collaboration to launch VITAL FORCES – FOOD IN CONTEXT as a new module within the SATELLITE platform. SATELLITE BERLIN is a non-profit organization for art that engages with the sciences and humanities, aiming to create a dialogue, in which these approaches find a far-reaching level of reflection and act beyond the mere presentation of the phenomena.

VITAL FORCES – FOOD IN CONTEXT is a think tank and event series exploring food culture as a cultural good in the past, present and future. We seek to illuminate the connections and relationship of the diverse fields involved through the language of art in order to reach a larger audience outside the 'food bubble'.

For the official launch party we conceptualized and designed a one-night-only gallery exhibition event based on the three themes which were to explore in the year ahead (2017):

I. Eating Culture through the Ages

II. Forgotten Taste

III. Nature & Ressources



  • exhibition concept
  • exhibition design
  • performance


»Vital Forces – Food in Context« Launch Party and Exhibition was a collaboration of Studio Inés Lauber and Kit Schulte, Founder and Director of SATELLITE BERLIN. Kindly supported by Our Berlin/Vodka, Preussen Quelle, Brlo and Selo Soda.